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Benjamin Eli Eichenauer LMT, Certified Advanced Rolfer

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In a Rolfing session, I use a listening touch to release and realign your body’s connective tissue matrix. By releasing restrictions caused by aging, injury, strain, repetitive motion, poor posture or emotional trauma, Rolfing helps you get out of pain.

Rolfing also increases both body awareness and the ability to center yourself in a fast paced and often turbulent world. Balance exists in your body and Rolfing can help you learn how to evoke this state with ease and grace.

— Eli

Holistic Bodywork Sessions
For Healing and High Performance

60 Minute Session: $155

This is a discounted price for payment received at the time of service. Insurance billing is based on usual and customary pricing per unit. Cash, Check, PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard Accepted - a $5 processing fee is added for credit card and PayPal payments.

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Prepare for your session

  • New clients, please fill out this new client intake form and bring it with you to the session.
  • If billing MVA insurance, fill out our MVA insurance intake form and return it to our office prior to your session.
  • For the session itself, please wear something that will allow Eli to see and work with your physical structure. A sports bra and shorts work well for many female clients, while some prefer to just wear their underwear. Shorts or underwear work well for most male clients.
  • Due to the nature of Rolfing, clients are not generally covered by a blanket or sheet during the session. Don't worry, the room and table are kept warm and comfortable. Please remember that your comfort is what is most important and dress accordingly.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and strong fragrances as some clients have sensitivities.

About Rolfing

What does Rolfing look like?

Rolfing utilizes sensitive and respectful touch to release and realign connective tissue in the body. Sessions begin with a check-in and an analysis of the client’s structure. Hands-on work generally lasts about an hour and may include elements of guided movement. Much of the work is done with the client laying on a standard massage table and some may be done with the client seated and/or standing. Sessions usually close with movement education and a post-work structural analysis.

What does Rolfing feel like?

Rolfing most commonly feels like slow and steady pressure followed by a feeling of release. Sensations experienced during a Rolfing session vary as much as the unique structural and movement patterns exhibited by each individual client. Sensations can range from light to deep, from pleasurable feelings of warmth to a sense of powerful and far-reaching personal transformation.

The pace and the intensity of Rolfing sessions are always controlled entirely by the client.

After a session clients will often experience feelings of lightness and well-being. Clients may be thirsty after a session and re-hydration is a good idea. A short, leisurely walk can be a wonderful way to experience the new movement possibilities discovered during the session.

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